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Domaine de Cambes

Domaine de Cambes [2010 domaine de cambes label image]  is another label by Francois Mitjavile, produced at the Roc de Cambes facility, but Mitjavile insists this is not a second wine. The grapes come from a vineyard just outside the Cote de Bourg and St.-Emilion boundaries, so it carries the "Bordeaux AOC" designation. The vines have a lower elevation and are closer to the Gironde, creating a cooler terroir with more clay in the soil, but the end result for this Merlot-dominated blend is still quite similar in structure and finesse to the Tertre Roteboeuf and Roc de Cambes. Mitjavile is well-known for his unique winemaking that consistently produces wines that are described as suave, exotic with smooth, caressing tannins. And at an even lower price than its "big brothers", Domaine de Cambes is the best value!

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